Europe and Beyond

The Manchester Law Society has a rich history of engagement with Europe and beyond, demonstrating its commitment to fostering international legal relationships and promoting professional development.

In keeping with its innovative traditions, Manchester was the first provincial Law Society to make contact with equivalent bodies in mainland Europe and the first to be made a member of the influential EC legal organisation the Federation of European Bars.

Another first for the Society in 1993 was the hosting of the second Convention of JuristEurope, a four day convention for international business lawyers. The first of these biannual conventions was held in Bordeaux in 1991 and Manchester followed on from that success with lawyers attending from over 26 different countries. Successful conferences have been held with fellow lawyers in Amsterdam and Bordeaux.

In May 1991 a visit was made to Lodz to participate in a 4 day conference with Polish lawyers. Lectures were provided on English Law with the aim of assisting Polish Lawyers in the development of law as their Country emerged into democracy and in order to pave the way for the establishment of English practices in Poland. Manchester firms have acted as hosts of Polish Lawyers, who have spent time in this Country to learn about the English legal system and management of law firms.

In April 1993 Manchester hosted the plenary session of the Council of the bars and Law Societies of Europe.

In December 1993 the Manchester Law Society entered into a legal twinning with the Bar of Lyon. A Manchester delegation visited Lyon in December, 1993, during which a formal ceremony for the signing of the agreement was held. The Manchester Law Society and the Bar of Lyon organise periodic meetings between delegations of colleagues to exchange views and information and also arrange exchange visits for its members from trainee solicitor level upwards.

In 2010 the Society twinned with Padova, Italy and started a working relationship with this flourishing Italian city to build and strengthen links from trainee solicitor level upwards.

The Society have also welcomed visitors from Philadelphia, China, Ghana and Cyprus.

Manchester Law Society’s engagement with Europe and beyond not only enriches its members’ legal expertise but also contributes to a vibrant and interconnected legal community.