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Weekly10 is a software platform for managing and improving your employee performance, engagement, and goals. It’s based on a simple weekly check-in between managers and their teams.

 The weekly check-in encourages managers and employees to give and get feedback regularly. It helps employees to own their performance and personal development, making small changes often, rather than transformational shifts. Think about New Year’s resolutions…

 The weekly check-in makes performance conversations something to look forward to because they’re about future impact not ticking a box. And 90% of the prep is automated too!

The weekly check-in keeps your people focused on their goals or OKRs. It shows them how they’re performing and the contribution they’re making. Managers can step in early to support underachievers or stretch over-achievers.

The weekly check-in also shows you how engaged and valued your people feel. This helps to retain your best talent and support teams who aren’t as engaged.

Weekly10 is available as an App in Microsoft Teams, on web, or mobile.

Book a demo or take a free 21-day trial to see the difference a Weekly10 check-in will make to your people.

Contact: Laura Bailey on 01978 548933  laura@weekly10.com   www.weekly10.com/mls




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