Contributing to Manchester

Contributing to the City

Manchester pioneered the Small Claims Court, setting up a scheme to allow easy access to civil justice, the principles of which are incorporated in the present County Court Rules, particularly those relating to arbitration in small claims.

Another first for the City occurred in 1990 when the Northern Commercial Court, now the Mercantile Court, the first such court outside London, was established in the North West, based in Manchester and Liverpool with its own full-time Judge.

In addition Manchester Law Society has been instrumental in setting up a commercial arbitration service which seeks to provide a flexible, informal and speedy alternative to public legal confrontation.

Manchester Law Society also administers the Rent Possession Duty Solicitor Scheme for the County Court.

Manchester Law Society enjoy very close links with a number of professional bodies throughout the city including the City Council, Manchester Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Accountants, Bankers, Insurers, Surveyors, Architects, pro.manchester and Bank of England to name but a few.

The Society also have a very good working relationship with the other local law societies in the North West, the national Law Society and in particular the North West Regional Office and have regular meetings, entitled the Joint 4 with Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool Law Societies.


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