Flexible CJS – weekend courts

  • 29/08/2012

To Graham Rutherford
Jackie Lowe
Paul McGladrigan
Jonathan Frankham (LSC)

Cc AllManchesterDefence Solicitors

 Dear Sirs,

 Re: Flexible CJS – weekend courts

 I write on behalf of the Manchester Defence Solicitors following a meeting today held at Manchester City Magistrates Court.

 The purpose of the meeting had been to discuss whether or not there were any volunteers to provide duty solicitor cover for the proposed weekend courts due to commence on the 16th September.

 The vote, with the exception of one firm Aschotts, was to refuse to provide any volunteers to act as court duty solicitors for the extended working hours.

 Further more that in relation to the Saturday Courts the view was that Defence Firms would attend court on a Saturday morning as they currently do but that they would not participate in progressing cases to a conclusion.

 It should be noted that the view of the meeting was that the Defence Community had been treated with utter contempt in the manner in which this proposal has been considered and put forward without any prior consultation.

 This pilot is fails to take into account the already dramatically reduced work load which has led to two full court rooms being closed at Manchester City Magistrates and the additional costs of opening the courts at the weekend for the extended hours.

 It is hoped that the views of the Manchester Defence Community will now be taken into account and the proposal for flexible working be re-considered in the light of the opposition.

 Yours faithfully

 Louise Straw

BurtonCopeland LLP
Chair of theManchesterLaw Society Magistrates and Crown Court Committee

On behalf of:

  1. BurtonCopeland LLP
  2. Tuckers Solicitors
  3. O’Reillys
  4. Robert Lizars
  5. Clifford Johnston
  6. Stephensons
  7. Harry Boodhoo
  8. RH Law
  9. Rhys Vaughan
  10. BerryandBerry
  11. MBC
  12. Platt Halpern
  13. Cunningham Draycott Browne
  14. Olliers
  15. Kristina Harrison Solicitors
  16. Maidments
  17. Mitchells
  18. Maguires
  19. Abbys
  20. ABM
  21. Howards
  22. AGI Solicitors
  23. Garstang Burrows Bussin
  24. Tranters
  25. Angela Taylor Solicitors
  26. Richard Silver Solicitors
  27. Stokoe Partnership
  28. Mortons Solicitors